What is Healthtech for you?

Our idea of Healthtech includes the use of any technology and scientific breakthroughs to develop smarter, safer and more affordable solutions to improve healthcare. New healthtech solutions should have the potential to significantly improve therapeutics and/or diagnostics.

What is the TAB?

The TAB is a service offering technical and commercial evaluation together with peer support and guidance delivered by seasoned industry experts.

Ok, but what does it offer?

Assessment of the status & prospects of projects based on standardised criteria to ascertain their viability for further development.

Feedback on business, strategic and technical aspects in order to identify and explain what is needed for development and market success.

Recommendations to either continue, re-direct, re-start or stop projects.

Continuous guidance and mentorship to innovations that are deemed to be more competitive to their next stage (e.g. technical development, funding, partnering, regulatory, manufacturing).

Who are the TAB experts?

The TAB experts are selected individuals with a broad range of relevant and complementary knowledge, skills, and understanding, who together provide a holistic perspective for innovators and their ideas by utilizing and sharing their industrial experience. Check more information on our experts here (link).

Who can apply and benefit from TAB support?

The TAB is looking for people and projects with breakthrough healthtech innovations in therapeutics and diagnostics. We welcome projects at any stage of development, although we target mainly projects at the pre-seed to seed funding stage, and projects with clear plans to secure a strong IP position, start a business and/or develop proof-of-concept studies. The TAB accepts applications from individuals at research organisations or companies (except large corporations) from around the world — provided there is willingness to establish operations in Europe.

Should you believe your project is not yet mature enough to apply, please get in touch with us. Should you have already received series A funding or similar, you are also welcome to apply if you believe you can benefit from the TAB support.

What makes a successful application to the TAB?

Solid scientific and technological concepts, a realistic business case based on clear clinical needs, an initial development plan, and a strong commitment from the team. As long as you are committed to the process, the TAB is there.

Are all healthtech projects eligible for support?

The TAB supports almost any type of technology that can make a difference in healthcare. Only projects based exclusively on software will be out of the scope of the TAB.

Can more than one application be submitted in the same call?

Yes, provided that different project leaders can be assigned to applications.

Can I expect funding from the TAB?

No, the TAB is not running a fund to invest in projects. However, it is the TAB aim to help promising projects securing pre-seed to seed funding and/or investment from industry partners. Of course you will always have the freedom to choose your investors and partners.

Will you sign an NDA? How do I know you won’t steal my idea?

The TAB is not signing NDAs with projects selected for support. But the TAB has a strict policy on confidentiality and conflicts of interest that bind the staff and experts serving the TAB. Everyone serving the TAB must sign a service agreement with confidentiality, IP and conflict of interest clauses.

If you still don’t trust us, you are not obliged to disclose confidential information to the TAB, but be aware that the quality of the service depends on the information available to the TAB.

Is the TAB retaining any IP for the support provided?

No. Even in the case that IP is generated in the course of the TAB support, IP will be always fully retained by the beneficiaries of the TAB.

Am I expected to pay or compensate the TAB in any form?

No. The TAB is sponsored by the European Commission, and its full service is free-of-charge. Furthermore, no equity, royalties or any other fees will be claimed by the TAB for any eventual deals resulting from the support.

What are my obligations in return of the TAB support?

Please check the specific terms and conditions for beneficiaries.