The HealthTechTAB

The TAB is a high-level EC-powered service that operates within the framework of NOBEL, a joint effort to accelerate HealthTech development and provide the HealthTech community, both from industry and academia, with the right tools to bring their innovations to patients.

The TAB is also part of the Nanomedicine Translation HUB, coordinated by the ETPN, a unique one-stop-shop to boost the translation of your medical innovation to the market.

The HUB removes specific roadblocks identified in HealthTech product development by offering custom mentoring (TAB), characterization (EU-NCL) and GMP manufacturing (GMP Pilot Lines – nanofacturingnanopilot and Maciviva).


About ETPN

Created in 2005, the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine is an initiative led by Industry and set up together with the European Commission to address the applications of nanotechnology to achieve breakthroughs in healthcare.

The ETPN is structuring and federating the European Nanomedicine community and leading the communication toward the European Commission and the European Members States.

The ETPN contributed to set up numerous European funded projects providing a first impression of economic environment and the structural requirements for an efficient translation of R&D results into innovative Nanomedicine.

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NOBEL is a coordination and support action (CSA) funded for three years by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program (Grant Agreement No. 766492).

NOBEL aims at building a single European ecosystem for the convergence of nanomedicine and emerging medical technologies.

NOBEL is a consortium of 8 coordinated by the European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine (ETPN): CEA-LETI (France), MedTech Europe (Belgium), Gesellschaft fur Bioanalytik Muenster e.V. (Germany), Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS (Italy), Tyndall National Institute (Ireland), TecMinho (Portugal), VDI/VDE/IT (Germany) and Nanobiotix (France) as a 3rd party.

From precision bioengineering to connected health, NOBEL paves the way for ESTHER Healthtech, the new value chain that supports the transfer of the most innovative technology concepts into new health solutions available to patients.

This holistic approach will transform patient outcomes and the sustainability of healthcare in Europe by providing data-driven medical solutions.

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