Our experts

Our experts have deep hands-on knowledge and expertise in developing and bringing innovative healthtech solutions to the market. We connect teams with experts that have the most relevant expertise in any particular field that can generate an immediate impact.

We carefully select experts based not only on their track record, but also on a common vision, philosophy and core values. Our experts’ main concern is to serve the best interests of projects with a supportive and constructive spirit. It is not of our experts’ interest to get a personal or financial gain from their service to the TAB.

Interested in becoming a TAB expert? Please send your CV to info@healthtechtab.eu and explain us how you could help the TAB.

Cécile Réal

David Bott

Didier V. Bazile

Eckhard Schwenner

Eric Mayes

Euvian Tan

Felicity Sartain

Florian Kemmerich

Laurent Levy

Mike Eaton

Pauline Iden

Sandra Francisco

Stephan Lensky

Ted Parton

Yves Bayon