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Application to the Stage I of the Healthtech Translation Advisory Board

Notes on completion and submission of this form:

Project overview

Project title:

50 words remaining.


Have you or your organisation previously submitted the same or a similar application?


Executive Summary:

Please provide a non-technical introduction to your proposal for the benefit of ENATRANS staff and assessors. It should cover, in brief:
  • Need or challenge: State the business need, technological challenge or market opportunity to be targeted.
  • Ambition & Vision: State where you (and your partners if applicable) aim to be in the future in the context of the need or challenge described.
  • Innovation: State the advantages over existing and/or near-market/in development products.
250 words remaining.


TAB justification:

Explain why and how you think the TAB could add value to your project. 250 words remaining.


Stage of project:

Nanomedicine projects should refer to Eaton et al before answering.



1. Market Opportunity & Clinical need(s) or Challenge:

  • What is the primary motivation for your innovation (money, funding, patients, science)? Please provide evidence to explain this.
  • Describe the business opportunity, clinical need or societal benefit.
  • What is the specific size/value of the target commercial market?
  • Provide an overview of the main competing solutions/products available or near future.
1000 words remaining.


2. Innovation & Science/technology solution:

Provide a detailed overview of the science / technology behind your solution and how this corresponds to the need outlined. To help reviewers - all details of any chemistry should be disclosed and the (chemical) structure of the final therapeutic - or a detailed description of the diagnostics assay, device or medical device solution provided. Diagrams are helpful.
  • Explain the mode of action and any related hypothesis as to how it works.
  • Is your innovation the application of existing technologies to new areas or development of new technology for existing areas?
  • State your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • Explain the advantages of your innovation over existing and/or near-market/in development products. This should not be based solely on costs.
2000 words remaining.


3. Technical Approach (Development Plan):

Provide information about the stage your innovation is at and, if in development, show that you have chosen the best possible candidate. Please include any work you have already done highlighting any key results/data achieved so far. Outline your development plan. 1000 words remaining.


4. Team & Resources:

  • Provide details of the team currently involved (including partners) and those you anticipate will be involved in the future. Describe how it will be managed. What is the development knowledge of team?
  • Explain your vision and motivation.
  • Please indicate what resources (Money, Personnel, Equipment etc.) are currently available to you.
  • Describe what resources you will need to access in the next 3 years and how you will access these.
1000 words remaining.


5. Intellectual Property (IP) Status & Freedom to Operate:

  • Provide information on the IP status of your innovation.
  • Clearly indicate if your solution is not able to be protected.
  • Please name all partners that may hold key IP relating to your innovation.
  • Are there any existing contractual restraints or obligations on your IP?
  • Provide evidence that you have freedom to operate, if available.
  • Where possible provide an overview of the IP landscape for your innovation.
  • State clearly who owns the IP or if you have a licence to use it.
  • Show that you are exploring and protecting (drug space) or the IP space around your drug.
1000 words remaining.


6. Commercialisation Plan & Key Milestones to be achieved in the next 3 years:

  • What are your thoughts about bringing your innovation to the market? How will the drug candidate, assay or device be exploited and by whom and when? Provide an overview of your proposed work plan over the next 3 years.
  • Rank in chronological order the 5 main development milestones to be achieved in this time.
  • What regulatory hurdles have you identified over the next 3 years?
1000 words remaining.


7. Technical and commercial risk assessment:

  • Identify the main technical and commercial risks and uncertainties and explain how these might be mitigated.
  • Please comment on any regulatory requirements, manufacturing problems, competition, financial, IP, ethical issues, etc, and how will you manage this? This includes any environmental issues if appropriate.
1000 words remaining.



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